Frequently Asked Questions from those that want to learn more about Roatan - have one then contact us.

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Alternatively please contact us through social media thank you.

@roatantravel- https://twitter.com/roatantravel

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Nightlife in Roatan is certainly not boring, if it could be accused of not being a full on party. It sits very nicely in the middle and what you would call healthy.

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There are some shore dives from Roatan but you are unlikely to be shore diving! It's not like Bonaire. Some resorts have their own house dives such as cocoview. Weather sometimes forces diveshops to shoredive at flowersbay and Mary's Place.

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It is difficult to book the shark dive if you are arriving to do the shark dive in Roatan.
The shark dive is booked usually a day in advance only (I think it saves them a complex admin scenario) and this presents the first challenge to getting a booking.

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We get many questions via email which is fine. The power of posting in a forum is much more powerful opening up the discussion to a bigger audience and allowing everyone to benefit from the good advice.

Here is a Question please help answer it.

Q "I would like to plan a dive vacation to Roatan in April or May and I'm hoping for some advice. I'm most interested in diving, but would like to see of of the sights in Honduras if possible. I'm a 30 year-old single woman and have been diving for 18 years. Where do you think would be best to stay where people would be friendly and the diving would be convenient? Is a particular month preferable?"

The best time to dive in Roatan is any outside the wet season. The wet season is not especially bad unless you are unlucky and the sky should be clear for a good part of the day. Rain upsets the normal excellent visibility of Roatan's diving. Those months will be fine and neither is better just watch out for Semana Santa (week before Easter Sunday) it is a great experience but yes it gets busy and depends on your preference west end gets a bit hecktic but I love it - and west bay gets a lot of awseome game of volley going.

As far as places to stay go please look around this site - anything on here is recommended.

Outside of Roatan I recommend a trip down to Copan Ruins takes a whole day to get there really if your lucky. You may need to arrange a stay somewhere inbetween. Copan is a nice area itself but people go to view the Mayan Ruins.

An excursion to the island of Utila makes for a good adventure, a smaller place than Roatan with a very different feel, worth diving there as well. Its popular with backpackers and people hoping to learn to dive very cheaply check out our initial advice on utila for more info on that place.

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Do I need to bring adaptors to Roatan for my electric equipment?

The adaptors you will need if you are coming from europe are same ones as to fit US and Canada systems. Most laptops will work out and account for the different voltage.

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It is located close to the Honduras mainland and has somewhat unpredictable weather.

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Honduars including Roatan and all the other islands in on Central Time. Which is 6 hours behind GMT.

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Departure Tax - there is a slight sting in the tail as Roatan bids you 'see you soon' with a 38USD levvy and no its never included in your flight ticket. There are now some cases where it can be included so check your airline ticket and ask when you purchase. It still may be a point of arguing when you leave. Get a receipt if you do pay it and take it up with the airline.

Sales tax is 12% on goods purchased this is called ISV and is regular on most anything. 

For tourism related goods like rooms and restaurant bills then this rises by a further 4% for Tourist Tax making 16% as you will see listed on most websites and your receipts.