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West end is the original and busiest unless you are in a resort or west bay. The various pockets of the crocodile shaped Roatan provide curiosities and places of interest after your diving or on a day off

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Travel Planner

From flights and ferries to cruise-ship arrivals. How to get to Roatan.

Places and Attractions

From tropical gardens and impressive wildlife to eco resorts where you can kayak and jet propel.

Tours and Excursions

Popular as a cruise-ship destination but not exclusive to are a bunch or tours designed to thrill you and interest you and relax you- take your pick. See Tours

  • Here are a few of the best dive sites that you should try and do..

    • West End Wall
    • Texas
    • El Aguila
    • The Odysea
    • Mary's Garden
    • Mary's Place
    • Hole in The Wall
    • Spooky Channel
    • Dolphin Den
    • Roatan Shark Dive
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  • The development in Roatan has been kept as natural as possible, you won't find any concrete blocks here just resorts that fit. You can find many boutique style accommodations too.

    • Barefoot Cay
    • Bananarama
    • Seagrape Plantation
    • Grand Roatan Caribbean
    • Paradise Beach Hotel
    • Fantasy Island
    • Coco View Resort
    • Turquoise Bay
    • Marble Hill Farms
    • Mango Creek Lodge
    • Reef House Resort
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Off the mainstream travel circuit

Why consider Roatan as a scuba diving destination? Rarely you get something value for money that is actually the best. But in Roatan you get some of the worlds best scuba diving freediving and snorkeling around. And it is the tropics that deliver value for money too. With excellent resorts and reefs what more do you need to say "I'll take a closer look!".

Culturally Diverse and Wonderful

You can swing through the trees with a zipline or explore beaches and communities. A history that is entirely interesting Roatan is a unique jewel in the Caribbean. Many come stay buy property such is the draw and charm. With friendly locals Roatan is welcoming to everyone. A part of Honduras though feeling different in many ways Roatan is it's own thing. Different to it's neighbours Utila and Guanaja.