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Some of the most popular dive sites in Roatan.

Roatan Dive Site - El Aguila

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The Eagle wreck or El Aguila in spanish is a popular dive site on the north coast of Roatan not far from Sandy Bay. It is a dive for many abilities and has a healthy reef to finish your dive on. The wreck has been split into 3 sections in 1998 as Hurricane Mitch hit Roatan. In the video below you will see garden eels, blue tang and a nice sized black grouper. Thanks to the work of the Roatan Marine Park fish like this have some safety from fishing. Also there are nice Angel Fish and the scene in the video shows a green morey in shot with the grouper who appears to have joined the dive group.

Roatan Dive Site - West End Wall

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This dive site is quite exciting for our fun diver. It is a short ride just out front of west bay on Roatan calm waters.

Dropping in you can descend the wall to your maximum dive depth - currents will gently drift you most likely towards TEXAS dive site. This is a good site to spot pelagic species such as Baracuda and maybe the ocassional wahoo. Turtles also are quite common.

You get to peak at the detail for this dive site in the following video. Thanks to Roatan Divers for this awesome video and we hope they continue to make more.

Sea Quest (Shallow and Deep)

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This is a dive that is not overly taxing but if you like sandy bottoms with coral outcrops then you will love this site. You could dive this and miss the point entirely. Try to find some or the pipe horses and even seahorses for example. Its just a fun dive not at great depth and the sand supports a few species like the stingrays and turtles. Also check for the corkscrew anenome who has a protector called the pistol shrimp inside, you can coax him out in all his uginess to give you a manicure if he likes your nails or a 'bite' snap - THAT IS AUDIBLE but too fast to see though you will fee a small electric shock sensation..its just fun.

Texas Dive Site Roatan (The Point)

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It's claimed as the best dive site on Roatan - and that might be true if you get a few shots at it. I say this because its a condition dependant dive more than any other. The north and south currents combine here to give the unique blend that brings in the Sargassum Trigger fish a small bluish blighter that is a real find. Pelagics do their thing enjoying the conditions and showing up here like horseye jacks and barracudas. Its a hard dive to get right as you may well need to do a reverse profile as you drift further out to sea at a deeper depth at the end of the dive. So those with computers feel safest in this scenario. I myself have been faced with a far off view of the Sargassum Triggers on the bottom at the end of a dive simply due to profile and not having enough non deco time remaining. Here you will be glad to have some Nitrox training and tank on your back if you can. The currents can also make this dive or break it depending on your experience, but having had a challenge it just makes you want to get back to it to see it differently, I never had the same dive twice here.

Hole in the wall

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A deep dive followed by a nice wall awaits you off the shore by seagrapes resort and lands end resort. You can follow this site down down to the depths that your training and gear will allow. For sport diving take it no more than 34m to be safe and enjoy the formation that makes for the 'hole'. The hole is almost a tunnel that exits the wall at 100ft. Enjoy the sensation and make sure you have good buoyancy as you can get sucked down as your bcd gets crushed by the pressure here. Its a nice feeling all the same and quickly time to start ascending into the other part of the dive caverns and reef.

This video shows the divers arriving at the wall exit and the triangle hole shape suddenly appears.

Another hole in the wall dive video here from eli fuller.

Canyon Reef

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This is a bunch of reef fingers slowly running into the deep (max depth 60 ft or 18m) so your profile takes you up and down (as you were taught not to) but at shallow enough depth that its a workable profile. Tons of places to hide for frog fish (listen out for them) but also some sandy areas. In short a dive where the time flies as it always does..

Here is a classic shot of what to expect..[roncasual]

Canyon Reef copyright Ron Caswell

and a couple of videos of canyon reef dive site roatan

El Aguila (The Eagle) Wreck Roatan

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eagle wreck

There are 5 wrecks available to dive in Roatan 4 of which you can dive on air no problem. One of the easiest is el aguila dived from the west end usually or mid island on the northern shore. Hurricane Mitch took its toll on this site ripping it into 3 parts but they are still good parts and you will appreciate that this is a ship for sure. So not one of the wrecks where its a little hard to imagine.

Read more about the history from Subway Watersports here we couldnt say it better here. And a more modern look by scuba geek.

Its not for the absolute beginner but you could enjoy this wreck with less than 20 dives but not penetrating it nor getting to the 112 ft of water it is in. Also not usually problematic with strong currents.

Try to spot: Morey Eel and large Groupers

A group of divers circling the bow usually towards the end of the dive just before hitting the shallower reef..[rons photos]