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Filmed in Roatan Honduras | Un Lugar en el Caribe

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Flowers Bay Aerial Shot Roatan

How cool is this fans of #Roatan ! Make sure that you get to watch this somehow if you know la isla.

Un Lugar En El Caribe - Translated in English (A Place in the Caribbean).

Roatan Diving Was Born !

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26th may 2006 was born!

WHY Roatan Diving?

I was really into 2 things back then (I am editing this article in 2017 !) Roatan and scuba diving and I made make websites for a living and for a time on Roatan through Roatanet and Tortuga Digital.

I no longer get to the island but that will change again one day as my family comitments change. I therfore have not been able to update the content on this website for now.

If you would like to help with that please contact me on twitter @roatantravel.


Roatan Nightlife and Semana Santa

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Man I had a wicked night last night here in Roatan, and for that reason I didn't manage to make any diving in the morning. I did have a fantastic dive at butchers bank with tylls dive however. We saw no less than 4 pipe fish. Part of the seahorse family. I don't know how their divemaster (Rino) finds them but he does. Earlier I had missed the spectacular sight of 2 octopuses or is it octopi shagging ! Well also on the butchers bank dive we saw two conch snails like a father and son going across the bottom of the sea bed, they were hauling ass (for snails) I will be uploading the video and pictures when I get an internet connection allowing me to do this.

We Like We Don't Like

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We like...

Eating the shrimp and fries at the rotisserie chicken place west end (The Chicken is good too !).

The burgers in Ricks Cafe in West End.

Scuba diving the shallow reefs looking for macro life.

Nova bar - for some music that is more like not Roatan on occasion !

Zip and Dip in Roatan - This is a tour that runs from cruise ships and gets you zip-lining through the lush green canopy of Roatan and onto the best beaches.

Staying in Posada Arco Iris. Diving with our preferred dive shops.

We don't like...

Being charged more in dollars

Crazy local drivers who think you don't have a place in the road in west end when you are walking along.

Tipping (We despise the global practise - accept it in America only)

Overheard must be true

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Picture the scene I wish i had taken photos of the years of all the crazy stuff you see as people do not believe it at times. One more, as on a roll and I better get back to work.

In San Pedro Sula in November, an armed vehicle (one of the big ones) for the banks stopped at the traffic lights, hazard lights on, armed guards all out on each corner watching out for bandits. After about 10 minutes another van turns up guy gets out with a petrol can and puts fuel in it and off they go, ran out of fuel. I love it, I love Central America.

Some old Roatan Photos

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I just discovered some old Roatan photos so thought I would share...

Half moon bay - great snorkeling here and now paddle boards too. You can appreciate the calmness here also boat traffic is less hectic here than west bay for example.


Read more: Some old Roatan Photos

Diver and silversides in Blue Channel

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First of all, I want to share that the Roatan Marine-park's photo contest calender is available. Have a look at their FB page and see some of the amazing photos that were submitted. I am proud to say I think I bought the first one as they had just gotten them in. A great birhtday present to one of our divers.

With the West End Road project finally finished after a year of construction of sewage system and road surfacing, we can all finally get back to normal life.

What a relief not to have  dodging heavy machinery, random holes that were closed one day and open again the next. We miss our sandy road. But since there was no choice, we are glad to see we actually got the better of the evils. A kind of sandy colored cement road with a rippled pattern.

We had a couple who have been diving with us for the last 5 years. Post dive sessions including logging dives, maybe have a drink and out come the fish and creature books. They announced that this time was the year they observed the most variety in the marinelife. Bigger groupers, bigger and a lot more lobsters.

This is a thumbs up for the Marinepark and all that are involved and support.

September also was the time to see crazy amounts of Silversides and Glassy Sweepers in the Blue Channel swimm throughs.

The treat for this weeks divers were a pregnant pipehorse. Well its the male who carry the upcoming offspring so don't really sure what term to use...

West End businesses are ready again to share what Roatan has to offer.

silver sides roatan diving

Photo shared by Dorte K. Bockwoldt on Friday, 12 October 2012

Diving and Exploring Around the Island of Roatan

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Diving enthusiasts at all levels will find scuba diving at Roatan, Honduras a pleasurable and challenging experience. With clear, warm waters and beautiful underwater sights, it is no surprise that travellers chose to visit Roatan all year round for their ideal diving holiday.

Experience diving

Your own personal level of diving is unimportant as there are diving tours available to cater for novices as well as the more experienced diver. Several shops on the island have all the diving equipment you will require available to rent. If you need to improve your ability diving instructors are to hand to provide the necessary training. Most diving expeditions use a small boat for small groups of people, usually around five to ten. However, larger boats are available for larger parties or more experienced divers hoping for challenging dives farther out from the beach. It does not matter what location you chose, you can expect to see the beautiful coral reef that surrounds the whole island. The island is full of exotic wildlife such as seahorses, angel fish, parrot fish and many other species. Visitors will be able to experience the beauty of these amazing animals through the crystal clear waters, which have high visibility up to 30 metres. More adventurous divers can explore caves and trenches accompanied by their experienced tour guides. With over hundreds of miles of ocean to explore, there is something new to see with each dive.


Roatan is a small island off the coast of Honduras. It is a premier vacation destination due to its tropical climate, gorgeous beaches and warm water. The island thrives on tourism, especially diving, but there are other activities such as fishing, boat tours, swimming with dolphins and other outdoor activities. Many resorts can be found on the island offering luxury accommodations and first-class treatment for guests. Roatan is surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world which attracts nature lovers from far and wide to view the marine animals that inhabit the reefs. Your adventure to an island paradise starts the minute you arrive at Gatwick airport parking lot and before too long you will be at your holiday destination and diving in the clear waters of Roatan.

Getting to and from Roatan via Gatwick Airport Can't be done directly mostly you will need to go via Heathrow and via the USA like Houston for example .

Flying off to your chosen destination is part of your holiday experience so ensure you book your flight out of Gatwick Airport as early as possible to secure the best deals available. When booking your plane tickets, be sure to also order your tickets at the Gatwick parking lot well in advance to take advantage of saving on costs. Remember, any trip begins at the airport, so planning ahead will hopefully avoid any disappointments and help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Once in Roatan, taxis and shuttles services are available to take you to your resort or hotel where you can relax and start your holiday. The island of Roatan is truly beautiful and diving is one of the main attractions. Explore the vast coral reef surrounding the island and you are guaranteed to have a unique experience.

First Time Visiting Roatan

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Q from Teagan "This will be our first time visiting Roatan and I am interested in knowing if there are any thoughts on what to expect and how it compares with Caye Caulker in Belize. Thanks."

Answer : "Thanks for visiting the forum and asking a question. I am very happy to say you will have a great time in Roatan. You can expect good value for money but still be able to get quality accommodation (have you sorted that out yet ?) from top resorts to small cabanas and hotels. You can expect the best beaches and water anywhere in the Caribbean. Also fantastic food and good wine. Where are you locating yourself. The west end is more developed but resorts are springing up further away and the east end is developing. You will find the people very friendly.

Here are some useful links

Ask us if you would like recommendations on restaurants and places to stay.

If you are scubadiving then you will enjoy great visibility , variety of diving walls wrecks, coral finger formations, caves, channels drift diving and more. All with the added advantage of short boat rides. Its some of the cheapest diving in the world as well and you can negotiate a good price for bulk diving. As us if you have any specific requests.

It may be cheaper to buy some imported stuff before you arrive like OFF spray or jungle juice as its a bit more eco friendly. Can't think of anything else right now."

Mosquitos and Deet

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Editors note now we to check out the issues relating to ZIKA virus.

Like in the Bruce Springsteen song The River "I got my girlfriend pregnant and that was all we wrote..." then we headed down to Roatan.

So she is asking what about mosquitos (pregnancy is a big deal). I have had Dengue fever myself and possible concurrent malaria so I was told in the Coxen Hole hospital who are used to seeing victims of it, especially when it has been wet. When it has been wet the water pools and allows conditions to be perfect for the little horrors.


Anyway back to the issue about a pregnant woman and taking deet based products being out of the question what is safe? It seems inconclusive so we value your help.

Roatan1 : "I had written a full page or so on a reply here but got an error message when i posted it so Hence the previous test post. 
Before i say anything let me suggest as i always have that when medical health is involved it is ALWAYS Best to discuss issues with a medical professional that is current and up to date on the topic, Thus nere being travel medicine. 
That said, For the life of me i cannot figure where deet got such a bad reputation other than the marketing of other products. The "natural" products sold on Roatan and promoted by the marine park have never been through any type of testing relating to personal safety, reef safety or effectivness, yet they get promoted where as deet, without a doubt, has been throu more testing than any repellent in the history of man, or pregnant woman for that matter, and has continually done very well as far as safety goes. PLEASE, When you read deet bashing sites, make note of who is being promoted and what google ads are listed, Most if not all places bashing deet products are from competitors where as those promoting it are from well respected health organizations in first world countries. The CDC, Canada Health and others do not do well promoting bad products yet deet based products are the top dogs for insect repellent. 
Some may also want to shy away from anti malarials, Thats cool, as long as you have spoken with the doctor about the possible issues, especially if a pregnancy is involved, If not using anti malarials would it be prudent to use the most recommended repellent and most tested repellant in history? Then again there is Dengue to consider in which not being bitten is the ONLY way to avoid it. 
I am and never will be pregnant or have to deal with this question personally but if i were, i likely would chose what has been tested more than any other product, proven safe, proven to work and the most recommended product worldwide for prevention of bug bites and hands down, that product contains deet. 
Google is a friend, I could not find anything suggesting deet was bad to use during pregnancy or any other time when used as directed except from sites promoting some "natural" thing Remember, Snake oil/venom, Marijuana, Alcohol, Anthrax, and Cocaine are all basically natural products, that does not make them safe."

Roatan Diving : "Sorry about your miss posting there is little more annoying than that , perhaps the sand fleas ?
Well yes I have to agree that I like the effects of deet in that it works. And I too am sceptical about the other products. I have gotten dengue and it coes from the mosquito who is out in the day and beware of stagnant water collection areas after heavy rains. But we are in the tropics and to some degree it comes with the territory.

I like OFF !"

Declaring war on the Lion Fish

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It's war !

The Derby will now be held this weekend and next weekend. The cook-off and awards ceremony will be held on Sunday Feb 20th at 6:30 pm at Blue Marlin in West End. The starting point this weekend will be at Barefoot Cay at 8 am on both days. All competitors must return to Barefoot Cay by 5pm on the day of competition. The catch totals are still per day.


Sign up for Roatan’s first Lionfish Derby and help control the invasive species population. $25 per team of 2 to enter, $30 late registration. $40 per team to enter for any 2 days.

Cash prizes for most lionfish caught in a single day, biggest lionfish (longest) and smallest lionfish (weight). It is not necessary to hunt all days as the catch totals are per day.

Trip Report March 2011 (Tyll's and Blenny Cabins)

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I recently had a fantastic dive trip to Roatan and want to post a short report.

We stayed at Jenny Blenny's cabin in West End.
The place is waterfront with iron shore which kept the bugs to a minimum.
We were able to sit on the porch every night watching the sunset.
The cabins are rustic and fine for two guys on a dive trip.
The house is much nicer and suitable for a family.

The best part of the trip was Tyll's dive shop and the staff.
It's a small, relaxed shop with personal and friendly service.
They were constantly adjusting schedules and the dive plan for our benefit.
About half my fun dives consisted of the dive master, his dad, and me.
On the other dives, there was a maximum of four fun divers.
My buddy took a course and it was never more than three students.

We made 13 dives out of the north side with Tyll's and
two dives on the south side with Barefoot Cay Divers.
The weather that week was calm on the north side and rough on the south.
Water temperatures were 26C at the beginning of the week.
I found it quite cold in my well used 3mm and added a 2mm vest mid week.

Site, max depth, time in, dive time.

2011-03-21 Tyll's
Lighthouse Reef, 17.4m, 14:34, 55 min

2011-03-22 Tyll's
Black Rock, 33.8m, 09:39, 37 min
Canyon Reef, 23m, 11:30, 49 min
Seaquest Deep, 16.9m, 14:51, 57 min

2011-03-23 Tyll's
El Aguila, 33.2m, 09:11, 42 min
Mandy's Eel Garden, 21.4m, 11:24, 51 min
Turtle Crossing, 14.5m, 15:11, 48 min

2011-03-24 Tyll's
Texas, 29.9m, 09:30, 55 min
Butcher's Bank, 33.5m, 11:51, 59 min
Blue Channel, 13.2m, 14:14, 65 min

2011-03-25 Barefoot Cay
Shark Bait Deep, 20.3m, 11:35, 57 min
Mary's Place, 22.4m, 15:40, 46 min

2011-03-26 Tyll's
Spooky Channel, 28.9m, 10:10, 52 min
Turtle Crossing, 20.8m, 12:14, 54 min
Hole in the Wall Shallow, 21.4m, 15:00, 50 min

Note the airport exit fee is now USD$37.35 for international travel 
with non-Honduran passport.

Woods Medical Centre Roatan

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Looking ever more impressive is the wood medical centre in Roatan. The big yellow building in the main street.

Mares Nemo Battery Change

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I got my mares nemo battery changed and pressure tested on site in the Mares shop in Roatan Westend for $40. It was done that afternoon. They have some great deals surprisingly great massive selection of equipment too. They are located opposite Roatan Rentals in the mini mall hard to miss them really, next to the blue channel restaurant.

Special Offers