Editors note now we need to check out the issues relating to the ZIKA virus. This is for both men and women! A man can carry and infect a pregnant woman as an example un-thought through scenario.

Like in the Bruce Springsteen song The River "I got my girlfriend pregnant and that was all we wrote..." then we headed down to Roatan.

So she is asking what about mosquitos (pregnancy is a big deal). I have had Dengue fever myself and possible concurrent malaria so I was told in the Coxen Hole hospital who are used to seeing victims of it, especially when it has been wet. When it has been wet the water pools and allows conditions to be perfect for the little horrors.



Anyway back to the issue about a pregnant woman and taking deet based products being out of the question what is safe? It seems inconclusive so we value your help.

Roatan1 : "I had written a full page or so on a reply here but got an error message when i posted it so Hence the previous test post. 
Before i say anything let me suggest as i always have that when medical health is involved it is ALWAYS Best to discuss issues with a medical professional that is current and up to date on the topic, Thus nere being travel medicine. 
That said, For the life of me i cannot figure where deet got such a bad reputation other than the marketing of other products. The "natural" products sold on Roatan and promoted by the marine park have never been through any type of testing relating to personal safety, reef safety or effectivness, yet they get promoted where as deet, without a doubt, has been throu more testing than any repellent in the history of man, or pregnant woman for that matter, and has continually done very well as far as safety goes. PLEASE, When you read deet bashing sites, make note of who is being promoted and what google ads are listed, Most if not all places bashing deet products are from competitors where as those promoting it are from well respected health organizations in first world countries. The CDC, Canada Health and others do not do well promoting bad products yet deet based products are the top dogs for insect repellent. 
Some may also want to shy away from anti malarials, Thats cool, as long as you have spoken with the doctor about the possible issues, especially if a pregnancy is involved, If not using anti malarials would it be prudent to use the most recommended repellent and most tested repellant in history? Then again there is Dengue to consider in which not being bitten is the ONLY way to avoid it. 
I am and never will be pregnant or have to deal with this question personally but if i were, i likely would chose what has been tested more than any other product, proven safe, proven to work and the most recommended product worldwide for prevention of bug bites and hands down, that product contains deet. 
Google is a friend, I could not find anything suggesting deet was bad to use during pregnancy or any other time when used as directed except from sites promoting some "natural" thing Remember, Snake oil/venom, Marijuana, Alcohol, Anthrax, and Cocaine are all basically natural products, that does not make them safe."

Roatan Diving : "Sorry about your miss posting there is little more annoying than that , perhaps the sand fleas ?
Well yes I have to agree that I like the effects of deet in that it works. And I too am sceptical about the other products. I have gotten dengue and it coes from the mosquito who is out in the day and beware of stagnant water collection areas after heavy rains. But we are in the tropics and to some degree it comes with the territory.

I like OFF !"

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