Iconic Ship Wreck Roatan
Iconic Ship Wreck Roatan

Diving enthusiasts at all levels will find scuba diving at Roatan, Honduras a pleasurable and challenging experience. With clear, warm waters and beautiful underwater sights, it is no surprise that travellers chose to visit Roatan all year round for their ideal diving holiday.

Experience diving

Your own personal level of diving is unimportant as there are diving tours available to cater for novices as well as the more experienced diver. Several shops on the island have all the diving equipment you will require available to rent. If you need to improve your ability diving instructors are to hand to provide the necessary training. Most diving expeditions use a small boat for small groups of people, usually around five to ten. However, larger boats are available for larger parties or more experienced divers hoping for challenging dives farther out from the beach. It does not matter what location you chose, you can expect to see the beautiful coral reef that surrounds the whole island. The island is full of exotic wildlife such as seahorses, angel fish, parrot fish and many other species. Visitors will be able to experience the beauty of these amazing animals through the crystal clear waters, which have high visibility up to 30 metres. More adventurous divers can explore caves and trenches accompanied by their experienced tour guides. With over hundreds of miles of ocean to explore, there is something new to see with each dive.


Roatan is a small island off the coast of Honduras. It is a premier vacation destination due to its tropical climate, gorgeous beaches and warm water. The island thrives on tourism, especially diving, but there are other activities such as fishing, boat tours, swimming with dolphins and other outdoor activities. Many resorts can be found on the island offering luxury accommodations and first-class treatment for guests. Roatan is surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world which attracts nature lovers from far and wide to view the marine animals that inhabit the reefs. Your adventure to an island paradise starts the minute you arrive at Gatwick airport parking lot and before too long you will be at your holiday destination and diving in the clear waters of Roatan.

Getting to and from Roatan

From the UK via Gatwick Airport Can't be done directly, mostly you will need to go via Heathrow and via the USA like Houston or Miami for example. Check the latest from Cayman Airways as they are also linking Roatan. From the US the gateways also include New York.

If you are backpacking through Honduras you might arrive via the ferry service. 

Also many people visit Roatan for a day from a cruiseship. This is a very popular destination.

Once in Roatan, taxis and shuttles services are available to take you to your resort or hotel where you can relax and start your holiday. The island of Roatan is truly beautiful and diving is one of the main attractions. Explore the vast coral reef surrounding the island and you are guaranteed to have a unique experience.

Image Credit Timothy Wildey

Public Message!

Help us keep diving in Roatan extra special, don't litter especially do not throw cigarette butts into the water. And help support the Roatan Marine Park conservation.
Try to work on not kicking nor touching the reef. Try to avoid letting garbage get into the delicate ecosystem.

Roatan Scuba Apparel

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