West End

West End

  • Cocolobo Resort

    The group of lodges was designed in 2005 by an award-winning young British environmental architect. Full advantage has been taken of local building materials, skills and knowledge.

    Honey-colored Honduran pine is used throughout for construction, complemented by local hardwoods for doors, furniture and trim. Enjoy the natural light breezes that are characteristic of the island. "Breezeways" between the rooms in the east and west lodges channel air into the bedrooms.

    The east and west lodges house four bedrooms apiece. Guest rooms are spacious and uncluttered with closets, storage space and refrigerator. Floors and ceilings are wooden and furnishings are in high quality cottons and natural fabrics. All rooms have flat screen televisions and cable connections. And bring your i-Pod: rooms have speakers supplied so you can enjoy your favorite music!

    Between the lodges lies the central building, with just two bedrooms overlooking the pool and the Caribbean. The bar - which has slide-back doors on three sides to take full advantage of the climate and the views - is where breakfast is served from 7.30am to 9.30am. In the afternoon and evening, the bar and deck provide the gathering point for guests and early evening cocktails. 

  • Coconut Tree Divers

    Coconut Tree Divers

    Located in half moon bay right on the junction with a great beach in front is Coconut Tree Divers. CTD run a very professional dive operation with good equipment. The only downside if you could call it one is that they are busy. You can get some tech diving done here and do your IDC with Will.

  • Roatan Divers

    Roatan Divers Dive Shop

    Roatan Divers are well located in the original scuba hub of west end. If you are looking for an independent dive shop then you should consider them highly as they are well reviewed and clearly care a lot about your dive experience. As with most all dive operators on Roatan they are ecologically minded too.

    They are no dive factory and prefer your dive to be of a decent size.

    roatan diving recommended

    Recommended by us Roatan Diving !

  • Tyll's Dive Roatan

    It is with deep sadness that the legend of Tylls Dive is no longer and the shop is closed.

  • West End Divers

    West End Divers

    West End Divers has a long history on Roatan being one of the original dive shops. Now they exist as a staple as much as the coral reefs surrounding the island. They should be on your list for fun diving or doing a PADI course.

    First check out their packages then see why they are a great idea along with the option of staying in West End.

    roatan diving recommended

    Recommended by us Roatan Diving !