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We want to show what wonderous marine life there is in Roatan's Diving spots so why not send us yours?

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  • Macro Underwater Life

    Macro Underwater Life

    It's not just the bigger fishes! Roatan has an excellent record for numbers of unique species of the smaller variety. These Yellow Headed Jawfish exhibit fascinating behavior . If you knew that the male takes care of the hundreds of tiny eggs in its mouth before finally spitting them out when they are ready to hatch. It looses weight since it can't eat!
  • Ron Caswell

    Ron Caswell

    You get some amazing colours and light effects while diving - Roatan has excellent visibility and warm inviting water- if you want to experience this for yourself but cannot yet dive then try a scuba diving course in Roatan. It is very easy to learn to dive here.
  • West Bay Beach

    West Bay Beach

    You can stay right here in west bay where you will find the best beach in Roatan diveshops and a short boat taxi away is west end village.
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Roatan Diving

Roatan as a Diving Destination

From all inclusive resorts to independent dive shops. Plan your own (Flights Accommodation and Dive Packages) Roatan trip. We have some information on excursions for you when you need to off gas. Also you will find info for our cruise ship guests and of course scuba courses for every ability even YOU! That's right no diving experience necessary with the discovery scuba diving experience you get to go diving and get credit to your first course.

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roatan marine parkThe Roatan Marine Park does a great job in controlling the health and activity of the islands best asset. You can find out more about their work from their website here.

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