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The Carambola Botanical Gardens

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[Editors note this is a very old article and things will have changed a bit even though in Roatan they do so very slowly.]

I managed to get my taxi come collectivo for 11 Lempiras from west end with. The destination was a botanical gardens situated opposite anthoney’s key resort, in fact you wont miss the stop unless you’re asleep. There’s a big sign (of course green) for the gardens labeled Carambola Gardens And Nature Trails. So I paid my driver and walked into the entrance which is a shop with all the usual gifts but nothing which really stood out. I was greeted by mina who worked there and spoke good English. I paid my entrance fee of 85 lempiras mina gave me a map and told me of a logical route to take.

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Around French Harbour - Roatan

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A couple of old photos I found and from memory they were of the burbs of French Harbour - the burbs very misleading it feels like a big village really, one kind that you never thought could exist in a great way that just makes you fall in love with travel and culture.





Kite Surfing

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If you want to try a beginner course in Kitesurfing then get yourself across to Chris and Marilou - you can find out more from her amazing kitesurf blog and take a look at all the positivity on Trip Advisor here.

Contact them here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roatan to Copan

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You can get to Copan and the ruins in a day from Roatan. You will need to leave early and catch the first ferry to the mainland Honduras the place is called La Ceiba. From here you will go via San Pedro Sula and there change for Copan 3 - 5 hours of bus, Hedman Alas run one of the better quality services though if they are not handy the other buses are an experience one should take from time to time.

The bus ride is a pretty one as with most from within Central America and the smells revive even the most down trodden 9 to 5 er.
It is a lovely village also and well worth the effort, in fact don't stop there Guatemala, el Salvador, Mexico....

Kayaking and paddle Boarding in Roatan

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You can find this activity all over Roatan. Half moon bay is a great spot for this with an interesting calm bay. The more adventurous can venture around into the west end bay, this is hard to appreciate otherwise spots like the Blue Marlin you can catch a drink from and see the diving goings on for example.

A more recent paddle boarding has also arrived and in half moon bay. The only thing to watch for is the reef but its easy as you get full instructions and guide. Its harder to actually fall off !

This sport is sweeping the world and it hasn't missed Roatan. Available at several places like just next to sundowners in Half Moon Bay - Steve's Paddle Shack. Watch out for the coral and the winds some people have gotten stuck the author towed (at great damage to the reef) some unlucky tourists !

Dolphin Encounter Tour

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A once in a lifetime experience of getting close and touching Dolphins. The Atlantic Bottle nose Dolphins are penned up here and can choose to leave if they like. Its all the clapping and compliments that keep them coming back for more. Or its the fish ! This tour is split into 2 parts and you can do the following

Dolphin Encounter or Dolphin Encounter and Snorkel

This is no dolphin show no its much more hands on and we mean it ! Here you are in the water with them for both types of tour. The trainer gets you an introduction and some rules of the road which are minimal and ensure your safety and the welfare of the Dolphin.

Dolphin Questions and Answers

It raises a great question how do Dolphins sleep ? Dolphins have the ability to switch one half of their brains off in a kind of sleep mode while the other half maintains enough conciousness to rest at the surface. Then it swaps.

How long can a Dolphin hold its breath for ? Dolphins can hold their breath for around 10 minutes. The musculature must take an awful lot of Oxygen for them to function otherwise they may be able like turtles to stay underwater for hours.

Golf in Roatan

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I’m not sure how Pristine Bay escaped our attentions for so long I think we knew about it and really wanted to put the info on our website for you and we just didn’t get around to it. But to have a comprehensive guide to Roatan without telling you about Pristine bay would be like having just the first Pirates of the Caribbean !

Pristine Bay

So what is Pristine Bay ? It’s a resort based around the only Golf course on Roatan. Roatan is growing up fast. Pete Dye designed the course and its called the black pearl. If you have been diving full on for a few days having a swing in the sun might just be the ticket. If your not staying there no problem or not mooring at the 155 foot sliped marina. Yes this is a 5 star Resort and Spa.

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