There are two docks or ports on Roatan that your ship will arrive at depending on the cruise ship company and the weather.

Both ports are on the south side of the island.

Mahogany Bay Cruise Port

Having taken 2 years to build Carnivals man made port / beach arrived Jan 2010 in Roatan Honduras. Consisting of a beach Mahogany Beach that is over 800 feet long replete with loungers and all you could need. Albeit the services will cost and the locals will not feel this much needed tourist dollar unless they are directly employed. I would have to fear for the crusishipper as a tourist as well they are robbed of the very experience that Roatan can offer. It may be hard also to escape Mahogany Bay for a reasonable sum.

comments “This is indeed somewhat of a shame. I do believe that there is a better balance to strike and so long as the do that then I agree that the cruise-ship companies need to make a ROI for the massive outlay of the ships “

Coxen Hole Cruise Port

This has been for years the more traditional port to all companies of cruiseline visitng Roatan. If the weather isn’t quite right Carnival will dock here as they need the conditions to be normal in order to get into Mahogany Bay.

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Public Message!

Help us keep diving in Roatan extra special, don't litter especially do not throw cigarette butts into the water. And help support the Roatan Marine Park conservation.
Try to work on not kicking nor touching the reef. Try to avoid letting garbage get into the delicate ecosystem.

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