• Kite Surfing

    If you want to try a beginner course in Kitesurfing then get yourself across to Chris and Marilou - you can find out more from her amazing kitesurf blog and take a look at all the positivity on Trip Advisor here.

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  • The Carambola Botanical Gardens

    [Editors note this is a very old article and things will have changed a bit even though in Roatan they do so very slowly.]

    I managed to get my taxi come collectivo for 11 Lempiras from west end with. The destination was a botanical gardens situated opposite anthoney’s key resort, in fact you wont miss the stop unless you’re asleep. There’s a big sign (of course green) for the gardens labeled Carambola Gardens And Nature Trails. So I paid my driver and walked into the entrance which is a shop with all the usual gifts but nothing which really stood out. I was greeted by mina who worked there and spoke good English. I paid my entrance fee of 85 lempiras mina gave me a map and told me of a logical route to take.