Roatan Excursions

Roatan Excursions

  • Around French Harbour - Roatan

    A couple of old photos I found and from memory they were of the burbs of French Harbour - the burbs very misleading it feels like a big village really, one kind that you never thought could exist in a great way that just makes you fall in love with travel and culture.





  • Roatan to Copan

    You can get to Copan and the ruins in a day from Roatan. You will need to leave early and catch the first ferry to the mainland Honduras the place is called La Ceiba. From here you will go via San Pedro Sula and there change for Copan 3 - 5 hours of bus, Hedman Alas run one of the better quality services though if they are not handy the other buses are an experience one should take from time to time.

    The bus ride is a pretty one as with most from within Central America and the smells revive even the most down trodden 9 to 5 er.
    It is a lovely village also and well worth the effort, in fact don't stop there Guatemala, el Salvador, Mexico....