Cruise Roatan

Cruise Roatan

  • It is difficult to book the shark dive if you are arriving to do the shark dive in Roatan.
    The shark dive is booked usually a day in advance only (I think it saves them a complex admin scenario)and this presents the first challenge to getting a booking.

    You can organise this through any local dive shop in Roatan not easy though if you arrive on a cruiseship. But we can get you a booking and if it gets cancelled we will offer you the next best thing a dive off of Roatans local reefs.

    BUT we probably CAN get you booked on the Roatan Sharkdive. If you have your own equipment then prices are around 100 USD+12% tax depending on the operator. This doesn't include the marine park fee of $5 and transfers from the boat.

    If you are interested in wrapping this up with a tour then contact this website and they will arrange everything for you so you can enjoy the most you can during your limited time AND GET A PICK UP AT THE CRUISESHIP and DROPOFF.

  • Diver : "Welcome to cruising to Roatan ! Start your thread something like 

    ...Hooray I'm cruising to Roatan ! I just have a couple of questions for this forum..."

    Dubies : "With upcoming cruiseship season there are so many tours and attractions to chose from.
    Many are prearranged through the cruiseship.

    But there are still quite a few free souls who contact local businesses to help set up a fun and memorable day.
    Mostly divers who don't want to end up in a "cattleboat" but prefer a small personal setting.
    The smaller diveshops work with drivers who they know and who offer a fair roundtrip fare.

    There are independent tour guides who offer private islandtours.
    One I recommend is Hanno Ebanks."