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Well its been a while since i last wrote, you see computers are becoming quite a commodity and the price of using one seems to be a lot unless one buys an account then its ok, but only ok.

Shit Roatan is expensive.

 I’M trying to live on 10 bucks per day, already taking accommodation into account. I am cooking in the far from great kitchen at my place. So that’s some background to where I am now, but t all began a short time ago….

I got to Miami and met my good friend marina, and realized I had left my phone numbers back at home, and it was coming into the week end so that’s why I couldn’t get to see my other good friend there marlen. (Sorry) I will catch you on the return. South beach doesn’t really seem to change and I still like it, just can’t make a go of it cause I don’t got the papers! Well we do have a special relationship with the states but it doesn’t extend to letting me work there. Well it’s been a long time since I got over that.

It was nice to have caught up with you guys Steve and Diana, I will keep you informed. sorry you were out Celeste..

The weather was just right for me and I was this time staying in the clay which doesn’t have a pool but the location is perfect. The rugby game was going to be on at the playwright for 20$ entry and it was starting at 4 am. At this time I was in da club and very merry, I do really regret what happened in the event I missed one of the biggest games of rugby we are ever likely to see, and the result, wow. But I had already spent a shed load of cash and… just didn’t happen for me. Obviously I was glad of the result.

We are world champions at something, excellent. The problem was also jetlag and to keep awake I had to go clubbing, spending money to keep going then actually missing the match and finding out it was on at other places other than the playwright I did believe the Irish guy that told me that, why do I do that! Trust in the wrong people and not trust in the people I should. Hmmm…

Anyway I want to forget that…

The following night Paul van dyke was playing club space, and there was no way I was missing that. It was an incredible evening up until the early hours and I can say that was my last big clubbing experience, but you see I had never done that in Miami before and I wanted to so I did.

Puff daddy was there with his entourage. Club space is a proper club not pretentious like the others in Miami. But I never had heard such a god long set from Paul Van Dyke. And I was around good people always a bonus.

 Indulgence I was to pay for the following few days, I did make the flight though; I was really worried I was not going to make it. And that brought me back to roatan and that will be chapter 2….