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SOL (School of Life) International Foundation is working to initiate and support community-based programs designed to promote education and increase the quality of life in developing areas.

Medicines for Roatan

Medicines for Roatan is an organisation that was set up to get get some basic medicines supplied to the islands medical centres as there is a shortage. Set up in 2007 and 100% volunteering happens via the following management structure


Founder: Dr Nora El Goulli,Pharmacist, MBA
President: Susie Ebanks, Owner, Roatan Weddings
Vice President:
Company Secretary:Lauren Jones, Owner,Earth Mamas
Controller: Rita Hojan, Investor
Treasurer: Deine Etches Woods, Owner Sundowners, Treasurer West End Water Board
Director: Dr Maria Luisa Fernandez, Hospital Pharmacist
Director: Marie Barnebee,Critical care & ER Nurse
Director: Lourdes Guillen, CPA/HN, Treasurer, Little Friends Foundation
Director: Eldon Hyde, President Sun Corporation
Director: Kandy Hyde, Critical care Nurse, President Little Friends Foundation


CEO: Susie Ebanks
Pharmaceutical operations: Dr Maria Luisa Fernandez, Dr Nora El Goulli
Fund raising Team: Rita Hojan, Susie Ebanks, Lauren Jones

Common tasks include using funds to buy medicines , shipping them and then providing better safer storage on arrival and training to the staff.

If you had a great time in Roatan then it could be more meaningful for you to donate to this cause - here is a link for showing what your donation can do

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