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Places to Eat

Watch this video as a starter for places to eat and drink in Roatan.

Roatan Charities

Sol Foundation

SOL (School of Life) International Foundation is working to initiate and support community-based programs designed to promote education and increase the quality of life in developing areas.

Medicines for Roatan

Medicines for Roatan is an organisation that was set up to get get some basic medicines supplied to the islands medical centres as there is a shortage. Set up in 2007 and 100% volunteering happens via the following management structure


Founder: Dr Nora El Goulli,Pharmacist, MBA
President: Susie Ebanks, Owner, Roatan Weddings
Vice President:
Company Secretary:Lauren Jones, Owner,Earth Mamas
Controller: Rita Hojan, Investor
Treasurer: Deine Etches Woods, Owner Sundowners, Treasurer West End Water Board
Director: Dr Maria Luisa Fernandez, Hospital Pharmacist
Director: Marie Barnebee,Critical care & ER Nurse
Director: Lourdes Guillen, CPA/HN, Treasurer, Little Friends Foundation
Director: Eldon Hyde, President Sun Corporation
Director: Kandy Hyde, Critical care Nurse, President Little Friends Foundation


CEO: Susie Ebanks
Pharmaceutical operations: Dr Maria Luisa Fernandez, Dr Nora El Goulli
Fund raising Team: Rita Hojan, Susie Ebanks, Lauren Jones

Common tasks include using funds to buy medicines , shipping them and then providing better safer storage on arrival and training to the staff.

If you had a great time in Roatan then it could be more meaningful for you to donate to this cause - here is a link for showing what your donation can do http://www.medicinesforroatan.org/sections.php?id=donation

here is the link to find out more >> http://www.medicinesforroatan.org/

How to vacation in Roatan

Types of Roatan Vacations

Roatan visitors fit the following group types  - generally. Let us know if you dont fit this list.

Cruise Shipers

- cruise ship companies that visit Roatan include Royal CaribbeanMSCCarnival and others. Some dock in Coxen hole and others the newly developed Mahogany Bay.


- currently the only only hostel is in Sandy Bay - a great location to base yourself or there are some cheapish alternatives in west end village. Still backpackers come here after perhaps making a longer stop in Utila or instead of. I came to Roatan first. After traveling through central america its one of the best beach destinations you will find and a bit of a break from the 'hardships' of travel in CA and mainland Honduras. You might find them arriving by ferry from La Ceiba or there is an option of a charter catermaran from Utila directly.

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History of Roatan

Bartholomew Columbus

A History of Roatan

“very robust people who adore idols and live mostly from a certain white grain from which they make a fine bread and the most perfect beer.”- Bartholomew Columbus

Paya Indians

The first known inhabitants of the island were Paya Indians. Their pottery and small sculptures, called Yaba-ding-ding, are unearthed every day across the island. Little is known of these people but when Columbus discovered the Bay Islands in 1505 (his 4th voyage) his brother Bartholomew went ashore to meet them. There is some debate over whether he was the first European to set foot on the Bay Islands, but he does provide us with the first written record of the islands. He writes that the Paya Indians were a “very robust people who adore idols and live mostly from a certain white grain from which they make a fine bread and the most perfect beer.” And so, Bartholomew became the first ever tourist to share a few beers with the locals.

payan relic

Image of Yaba Ding Ding thanks to rony's tours

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