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What are the best restaurants in Roatan

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Calvin Crane Ok guys where is the best place to eat ? Bojangles aside as thats a given No1.

Shawnda Nadeau Gio's in French Harbour, The Chicken Rotisiere (Rotisserie Chicken) in West End, Shark Cave for pizza West End, and for mexican food in West End Cannibal Cafe.

Calvin Crane Know all those except Gios! shame to eat pizza in Honduras but mexican any day

Shawnda Nadeau I almost forgot one of the very best. Blue Bahia in Sandy Bay !

Mike Dewar Best pizza is at the Sandy Bay Brick Oven. West End Rotisiere Chicken is one of the best meals anywhere.

Calvin Crane The Blue Marlin in West End was good on our last trip. A Dutch owned managed and run establishment replaced the old purple turtle bar that was run by Eustice, sad to see the end of that personally.

The Blue Marlin has excellent vistas to the setting sun and is a great place to have a drink before getting some chow.

Dubies : "There is a new restaurant in the Coralstone building in Sandy Bay called Pisco, Peruvian cousine. Have heard really amazing things about the food. Also new is Port Side restaurant in Pensacola, Flowers Bay. Rotisserie Chicken in West End is still soo good and absolutely affordable. The Blue Marlin is still very good. Cook Osman knows how to your burger, steak or fish to perfection. The Sharkdive is closed. There are new owners who are currently remodeling the place and seen to have some great ideas for their menu. Do plan in Tacos al pastor. Edmundo sets up his tables and portable "kitchen" every day at 6 pm in front of Coniahs Mall in West End. 3 yummy tacos for lps 100/$5,-."

Dubies : "Eustice/Justus now cook his famous German breakfast at the Landing/Beachhouse every Sunday. He s homecooking service involves in Tuesday steak sandwiches with homemade bread. Thursday Greek Gyros in a homemade pita bread and Saturday his well known lasagna."




Say Hello Here : I'm Cruising to Roatan

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Diver : "Welcome to cruising to Roatan ! Start your thread something like 

...Hooray I'm cruising to Roatan ! I just have a couple of questions for this forum ..."

Dubies : "With upcoming cruiseship season there are so many tours and attractions to chose from.
Many are prearranged through the cruiseship.

But there are still quite a few free souls who contact local businesses to help set up a fun and memorable day.
Mostly divers who don't want to end up in a "cattleboat" but prefer a small personal setting.
The smaller diveshops work with drivers who they know and who offer a fair roundtrip fare.

There are independent tour guides who offer private islandtours.
One I recommend is Hanno Ebanks."

Posada Arco Iris

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Roatan Diving: "For a great value stay in Roatan and the west end area you would do well to consider the hotel behind the Argentine Grill owned by the same. Make sure you try them out for the best meat and wine on the island. Back to PAI ! It has been here a while now and is a little dated in places, but any mozzie screens broken they will fix small annoyances are forgotten as you are close to the action at sundowners and the beach. Free beach loungers beds and kayaks also make this a serious place hard to beat.

We do offer some scuba diving packages on this site that will give you even better value than Posada Arco Iris but if you have around 50 per night then give this place a try."

Dubies : "Posada Orquideas is the sister hotel and newer. Its 5 min. walk further down the road.
Both places offer a 10% discount if you stay 7 nights or more."

Roatan Diving: "Yes probably in nicer shape as in PAI it is getting a bit worn in places like some of the mozzie screens for example. But it is right close to the beach, one thing which is so annoying having stayed in Posada Arco Iris is the music the restaurant plays. Its old (cheesy) and repeats, strange that this is something to complain about but it does get to you"



Clarion Inn Bush Intercontinental

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If you are stopping over in Houston on your way to Roatan then we recommend The Clarion Inn hotel. A spacious room internet pool and gym, very good mattress and 5 -10 minutes from departures. It cost us under 100 so it isnt the cheapest option included breakfast that you may be able to start before 7.30 to catch the Roatan flight.
Also there is a few good places to eat and drink a 3 minute walk away, there are a cluster of hotels here.
Check all the Houston airport hotels with hotel reservation system for your dates.

CocoView Vs Fantasy Island

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Compare and discuss resorts you have stayed in on Roatan.
Where did you stay, no matter how trivial we would like to hear your opinion to help others make the best choice.

Both of these resorts are compared as they sit next to each other on Roatans south side. Both offer the wreck of the Prince Albert as a shore dive. Both resorts are designed for the scuba diver. We want to hear how your experiences went if you happened to stay here and best of all if you have experienced both.

Seahorses in Roatan

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It has been a long time since I had given up hope of finding myself a seahorse off Roatan. The hippocampus my lifetime favourite find so far was orange and found at overheat reef. I always spot turtles here and there are tons of cleaning stations.

It has actually been a good day for me, not so for the marlin here which sucumbed to FAKE desirable lures ! as we hold the annual fishing competition (7th) on independance day.

I was diving with coconut tree and their dock with the arch across it is where the egocentric fisherman weigh their catch. I came in at an unprecedented island life 200 lbs punto 10 more than tree and 30 more than will ! explain that not 199 not 201 but 200. I find stuff like that freaky... Greg of marine park fame was entirely interested in knowing his weight but feared for the repercussions and "look- wrong signals" playing with their equipment would send. I like most of the diving community are against such "sport" but there we are. It was to be a catch and release tournament but fish over 150 lbs could be killed and kept (thrown away-who has a fridge that big) if the fish were killed and did not amount to 150 then points or $ fine applied, there was no clear cut consensus. Even when dead they are magnificent creatures from the deep. They hold a thousand huhes of blue and black and have eyes the colour blue/ saphire. I placed my hand on the body of one or two and felt land based and weak.

Back to less personal conflict mind /opinion stuff and yet interesting stuff.

It was a day orf for me and the seahorse dominated the dive. Pinot the DM who has seen a lot in his time was clearly jealouse but he ceded the credit eventually. I did make him swim upstream 20 yards (2 first downs) to the little blighter who was hanging on for dear life at about 50 foot on  coral head as lonely as the hippocampus him/herself (the sex with these guys gets crazy-the guys carry the babies!) looked.

In life I am often feeling like a seahorse you know just hanging on and seemingly the only fooker around of any interest.


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