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I recently had a fantastic dive trip to Roatan and want to post a short report.

We stayed at Jenny Blenny's cabin in West End.
The place is waterfront with iron shore which kept the bugs to a minimum.
We were able to sit on the porch every night watching the sunset.
The cabins are rustic and fine for two guys on a dive trip.

The house is much nicer and suitable for a family.

The best part of the trip was Tyll's dive shop and the staff.
It's a small, relaxed shop with personal and friendly service.
They were constantly adjusting schedules and the dive plan for our benefit.
About half my fun dives consisted of the dive master, his dad, and me.
On the other dives, there was a maximum of four fun divers.
My buddy took a course and it was never more than three students.

We made 13 dives out of the north side with Tyll's and
two dives on the south side with Barefoot Cay Divers.
The weather that week was calm on the north side and rough on the south.
Water temperatures were 26C at the beginning of the week.
I found it quite cold in my well used 3mm and added a 2mm vest mid week.

Site, max depth, time in, dive time.

2011-03-21 Tyll's
Lighthouse Reef, 17.4m, 14:34, 55 min

2011-03-22 Tyll's
Black Rock, 33.8m, 09:39, 37 min
Canyon Reef, 23m, 11:30, 49 min
Seaquest Deep, 16.9m, 14:51, 57 min

2011-03-23 Tyll's
El Aguila, 33.2m, 09:11, 42 min
Mandy's Eel Garden, 21.4m, 11:24, 51 min
Turtle Crossing, 14.5m, 15:11, 48 min

2011-03-24 Tyll's
Texas, 29.9m, 09:30, 55 min
Butcher's Bank, 33.5m, 11:51, 59 min
Blue Channel, 13.2m, 14:14, 65 min

2011-03-25 Barefoot Cay
Shark Bait Deep, 20.3m, 11:35, 57 min
Mary's Place, 22.4m, 15:40, 46 min

2011-03-26 Tyll's
Spooky Channel, 28.9m, 10:10, 52 min
Turtle Crossing, 20.8m, 12:14, 54 min
Hole in the Wall Shallow, 21.4m, 15:00, 50 min

Note the airport exit fee is now USD$37.35 for international travel 
with non-Honduran passport.