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It has been a long time since I had given up hope of finding myself a seahorse off Roatan. The hippocampus my lifetime favourite find so far was orange and found at overheat reef. I always spot turtles here and there are tons of cleaning stations. Thanks to Reef Gliders for the image!


It has actually been a good day for me, not so for the marlin here which sucumbed to FAKE desirable lures! as we hold the annual fishing competition (7th) on independance day. The call them muppets.

I was diving with coconut tree divers and their dock with the arch across it is where the egocentric fisherman weigh their catch. I came in at an unprecedented island life 200 lbs punto 10 more than tree and 30 more than will! explain that not 199 not 201 but 200. I find stuff like that freaky... Greg of marine park fame was entirely interested in knowing his weight but feared for the repercussions and "look- wrong signals" playing with their equipment would send. I like most of the diving community are against such "sport" but there we are. It was to be a catch and release tournament but fish over 150 lbs could be killed and kept (thrown away-who has a fridge that big) if the fish were killed and did not amount to 150 then points or $ fine applied, there was no clear cut consensus. Even when dead they are magnificent creatures from the deep. They hold a thousand hues of blue and black and have eyes the colour blue/ saphire. I placed my hand on the body of one or two and felt land based and weak. The colour of a dead fish dies quickly along with the beauty. But the fish is all used and eaten.

Back to less personal conflict mind/opinion stuff and yet interesting stuff.

It was a day off for me and the seahorse dominated the dive. Pinot the DM who has seen a lot in his time was clearly jealouse but he ceded the credit eventually. I did make him swim upstream 20 yards (2 first downs) to the little blighter who was hanging on for dear life at about 50 foot on a coral head as lonely as the hippocampus him/herself (the sex with these guys gets crazy-the guys carry the babies!) looked.

In life I am often feeling like a seahorse you know just hanging on and seemingly the only fooker around of any interest.