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snorkeling tour

As editor I reserve the right to ocassionally blog about related subjects. This is a scuba diving website about Roatan but I liked this couples account of snorkelling in Tenerife Canary Islands.
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Ten years ago my husband and I took our first trip to Tenerife. As part of our vacation we wanted to get out on the water so we decided to take a snorkel tour.  Atlantic Whale Foundation had a tour that took you to La Gomera and Lazarote.  We choose that tour because we thought it would give us the best opportunity to see another island up close.  We arrived at the boat dock in Los Gigantes around 6 in the morning.  I was excited about going out on the boat but apprehensive about the snorkeling.  I had never snorkeled before and didn’t know what to expect. My instructor was from Diving Atlantis, one of the better know dive company in the south of the island.

In the Water

Just in case you’re not familiar with the Canary Islands, it is a crescent-shaped island formed by a volcano.  Tenerife is a short distance from Morocco.  We left the Harbor and headed out to Las Americas.  When we arrived, I looked down in the water and was amazed at the clear water and the amount of fish I could see from the boat.  After basic snorkel instructions from the boat captain, my husband and I put on our goggles and snorkels and jumped into the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean.   I lowered my face into water and was totally amazed.

Another World

Swimming right in front of me were two black fish with white accents and an orange spot near the back fin.  I knew enough to realize it was some sort of Tang (Achilles Tang).  I then saw lots of parrot fish, angel fish and fish I couldn’t identify.  It was like a huge aquarium and I was in the middle of it.  I swam nearer the crater and saw a nurse shark about 30 feet below me.  I was amazed.   What had I been missing?  Growing up swimming in the sandy waters of the Atlantic off the North Carolina beaches, you couldn’t see a fish if it was next to you.  These waters of the Tenerife crater have a visibility of around 150 ft and are home to around 250 species of fish.

Hooked on Snorkeling

Once we returned to Los Gigantes Harbor, my husband and I went out and rented snorkel equipment to use for the remainder of our trip.  We picked up a snorkel guide and decided to try our hand at snorkeling off the beaches of Tenerife.  We had such a great time that when we returned home to Las Americas, we went to our local dive shop and purchased our own snorkel equipment to use on our next snorkel vacation.