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Characters and events may or may not be truthful !

I’m on my way to the little island of Roatan – yahoo it if you want I’m not going to detail what its about neither am I going to help promote use of that MAIN search engine which will ultimately take over the planet – oh maybe they already did. But seriously when was the last time you got good search results on the first two pages ? Well this isn’t about that so moving on to Heathrow.

I woke up and got out quite quick and the tube ride to Heathrow was somewhat uneventful except some poor soul was taken Ill on the train. In these cases they stop all the trains jammed up with people like sardines and then guess what we all start falling like dominoes.

I had an e- ticket and was flying with Continental, upon checking in and handing over my bags the lady goes “you will be seated at the gate” – I needed some clarification which she failed to provide and I was holding up the line. Pressure and not assuming anything awry I moved onwards towards security I was ahead of the game. Shoes remained on and things went smoothly. Arriving at the gate in Terminal 4 there was no one to clarify why I didn’t have a seat yet. Why am I nervous at this point, well I cant replace days lost and I really wanted to be on the beach at the end of the week. Call me old fashioned but its part of the deal when you buy your ticket. Still I wanted and planned enough time to take breakfast and a beer. I had only enough for the beer and so made a couple of calls and relaxed.

About a third of the way down my pint my natural self started to awaken perhaps and a flag went up on the play. I don’t have a seat yet. It’s ok relax the guy who sold me the flight seemed nice, it couldn’t be that he is paid to be nice and he assured me. He didn’t so here I am in lying to myself territory! And its only 11.00 am.
I finish my pint and head over to gate 10. The guy there mentioned a word which sent chills down my spine and then promptly slid a pre-existing boarding pass which was arms length to my left in front of me. Ok that was smooth but can you just do that, are boarding passes just so interchangeable. There is no cross ref with passport. No Indeed not. Well I had a seat but had I been on standby ? I certainly didn’t pay a standby price !

Speaking of cheap seats did Continental pay for cheap seats as we were held on the tarmac for 30 minutes while all and sundry took off in front of us, from a different line we were the only ones being held. I need to set the scene here bear with me.

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